Job Preparation Workshops Begun

Interfaith Action’s Hospitality Center has recently begun providing workshops for clients who are seeking employment to increase their confidence and possibilities for success. Our job coaches, Marcia Rosen–Kemp and Charlene Parris, realized that many clients were getting jobs, but weren’t successful in keeping them. They also saw a need for more preparation in interviewing skills for those who haven’t been employed for a while or who were not landing jobs after several interviews.

The How to Keep a Job Workshop focuses on the mutual goal that an employer and employee share; financial success. The employer is in business to make a profit and the employee is there to earn money for their needs. Therefore, when an employee reports to work each day, everything else should be left at the door. The concept of customer service helps our client see that as an employee they are the face of the company. The way they interact with internal and external customers impacts the mutual goal of financial success. The workshop also covers the primary reasons employees lose their jobs and ways to avoid those pitfalls.

The Interviewing Workshop reviews the purpose of interview, how it benefits both interviewer and interviewee, interview preparation, review of the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, and allows practice on questions that may be asked and the best ways to close and to follow-up.

Each interactive workshop is scheduled to last an hour, but because of the energy and enthusiasm of the participants, often go longer. Participants have been engaged and have learned as much from each other’s experiences as they have from the instructor.

The workshops are just one of the services Interfaith Action provides to help our guests become contributing members of the Evanston community.