Hospitality Center

  • Open 260 days, IAE’s Hospitality Center (HC) hosted 4,828 visits by 975 guests, with the help of 1,560 volunteers.
  • HC guests took advantage of the Center’s special services as follows:
    • Computer Training: 1,358 visits by 346 guests across 239 days
    • Employment Options: 242 visits by 110 guests across 184 days

Emergency Overnight Shelter

  • Open for 140 nights during the cold weather season, November 2020-March 2021, the emergency overnight shelter hosted 2,305 guests; 1,760 were men, and 544 were women. 
  • The shelters were hosted by six faith communities in the downtown Evanston area for two-three weeks each: Beth Emet the Free Synagogue, First United Methodist Church, First Congregational Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and the Unitarian Church of Evanston.

Warming Center

  • With stores and libraries closed for the pandemic, IAE consolidated and expanded its Warming Center hours in 2021. Held at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, the Warming Center opened for 76 days and served 1,281 guests, including 976 men and 305 women.


  • The Producemobile supplied more than 57 tons or 114,951 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to 8,425 people. This activity is made possible by our partnership with the Chicago Food Depository, the City of Evanston, and the 451 volunteers who distribute it each month.  Additionally, the new SNAPGap initiative distributed approximately 6,580 cleaning and hygiene items such as laundry soap, hand soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, etc., donated primarily by IAE’s faith community members.  

Soup Kitchens

  • Evanston Soup Kitchens worked together to ensure continuity for our homeless and hungry neighbors. Despite the pandemic, Soup Kitchens continued to operate, purchasing meals from local restaurants that were distributed rather than consumed on site due to COVID regulations.  

Thanks to all who made it happen!!!