The IAE Annual Meeting for the IAE Board of Directors and delegates was held on October 8 and hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church.    At this meeting, delegates voted to approve the nominations of Jason Glanz, Olga Pearl-Ricketts, Donna Robinson and Carol Wilson to the IAE Board of Directors.   During the program that followed, “Interfaith Action in the Time of Coronavirus,” volunteers described how IAE has risen to the challenge of COVID by finding new ways to provide its Direct Services to our hungry and/or homeless neighbors.

The Supper Meeting was “Covid-style” this year.  Arriving guests drove up to a station in the parking lot of Trinity Lutheran, to pick up an individually-packaged soup kitchen meal.  The meal was purchased from Soul and Smoke, one of the many local restaurants that have provided reduced-price meals for IAE’s soup kitchens. Participants could either return home to enjoy their meal and continue to participate via ZOOM; or park their cars in the Trinity lot to see the speakers and listen to them via 95.3 FM on their vehicle’s radios. The meal was provided by donations from members of the IAE Board and the Delegate Advisory Committee specifically for this meal. 

We would like to thank Trinity Lutheran for graciously hosting the Annual Supper Meeting for the second year in a row, and for providing all of the sound equipment and the training for it.  A big thanks also to Joe Berube, who again came through with important items (speaker’s platform and spotlight) needed for an IAE event.