Vision Keeper Award Recipients

We honored the 2018 Vision Keepers at the Vision Keepers’ Dinner held on February 17th.

A Vision Keeper embodies values that positively impact both the faith community and the larger community. We honor them because they truly grace every life they touch and encourage all of us to affirm our own vision.













Liz Laughlin and Bob Carroll.











Mary Williamson












Melissa Appelt











Nancy Doyle











Nancy Sims










Olga La Luz and Tom Richards Unity


Phil Bashook and Lizzie Graham








Sara Krentz


Sheran Fiedler

Susan Lempke (left) and Becky Strehlow

Tom Carney

Allison Ashley

Betty Walker

Bill Wilkshire

Cheryl Kendrick

Clyde Baker

Damian Barta

Dee King

Dr. Jean and Larry Murphy











Evanston Bahai Community Award










Gabe Rodriguez


Jernone Smith

Kay Muller