Producemobile Thank You!

Dates – June 23 and July 14 at Levy Center 9:30 am to 10:30 am. July 28 August 11 and 25 Sept. 8 and 22 location to be announced.

Today’s Producemobile was the most successful COVID-19 styled Producemobile yet.  Our sincere thanks go to the 30 volunteers from IAE, the City of Evanston, Northwestern University, the Evanston Animal Shelter, and Rotary, who efficiently handed out 740 prepacked cases of high-quality dairy, fresh produce, and frozen pre-cooked meat, (weighing a total of 18,160 lbs!) to 290 guests with a total of 1083 members in their households, some which had six, seven, even eight family members to feed. Imagine how happy they many were to receive 75 lbs of food today!  What’s more, everyone in line was given food and nothing was left over.  Wow!

So many people besides IAE want to help neighbors in need right now, and so they continue to find the IAE Producemobile. Again, the Evanston Animal Shelter provided cat and dog food; and IAE’s SNAPGap provided 4 bars of soap for each guest today.  New this time, was a pack of ten surgical masks donated by Richwell Market, a small Asian grocery in Morton Grove.  Wow!

We also have two great pieces of news for you. 

First, the GCFD has lifted age restrictions for volunteers.  IAE is looking so forward to having all of our loyal Producemobile volunteers back again.  This is especially timely, as the City of Evanston, which has provided almost half of our volunteers the past three months, will soon be going back into work at the Lorraine Morton Civic Center. If you are on the Producemobile Sign-Up Genius, be on the lookout for an email from Rita Bailey soon, inviting all of you to volunteer again at our next Producemobile on June 23rd.  Hooray!

Hmmmm, June 23rd? But that’s in only two weeks, you say?  Well, that is the other big news.  The GCFD has granted IAE a SECOND monthly Producemobile on the 4th Tuesday morning from June through September.  Hip, Hip, Hooray! Look at this as a chance to make up for the three Producemobiles at which many of you regulars were not allowed to volunteer.  IAE will also need NEW volunteers to help out. We would love to have you join us, so if you are interested, please contact Rita Bailey at:  and, please, pass the news on!

With much gratitude for all of your support of IAE in supporting our neighbors who are hungry,

Mary Beth Roth,

Proud Producemobile Volunteer