Eighteenth Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

Thank you to the community that was involved in our Thanksgiving Service! We are humbled you were willing to be in relation with us on this holiday and we are grateful for those that sacrificed their time in order to be in service with us.

Interfaith Action of Evanston exists to make concrete the relationship between faith and service, uniting Evanston’s diverse communities to feed the hungry, serve the needs of the homeless, and express our shared values through interfaith action and dialogue. It is through this conversation among voices of reason around shared values that we become productively engaged with the world around us, learning to live with one another.

Particularly now, under an onslaught of divisive rhetoric, it is clear that we must continue to strive to dispel the ignorance which gives rise to fear, triggering distrust and hate. If we are going to find peace, it will require an understanding of our various belief systems.

Wednesday November 23
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

It is in that spirit that Interfaith Action of Evanston presents its eighteenth annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve Service, at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 23, at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 939 Hinman, in Evanston. With the help of an American Sign Language interpreter, the St. Luke’s choir, and an interfaith choir, representatives of a broad cross section of communities of faith and spirit will present reflections, invocations, and blessings from their individual traditions. They will share the commonality of thanksgiving and community that ties each of us and those we serve.

Presenting the evening’s message will be Chaplain Tahera Ahmad, a dynamic Muslim ‘scholar-practitioner’ who serves as the director of interfaith engagement and associate university chaplain at Northwestern University. During Women’s History Month, she was recognized at the White House as a leading Muslim woman in the United States. Ahmad is a passionate advocate of interfaith engagement and critical dialogue. She is respected by a wide spectrum of faith communities and is an avid community activist who works with young adults in the interfaith movement on academic, artistic, and athletic projects to help develop a balanced faith identity in a diverse global world.


St Luke’s is at the corner of Lee and Hinman, two blocks (one east and one north) from the CTA Purple Line and Metra UP North Line stations. In addition to side street parking, meters are not enforced after 6:00 pm on Chicago Ave. and the lots on Main at 716 (behind Vogue – enter from Custer south of Main), 724 (next to Ten Thousand Villages) and 811. A few metered spots are also available at the lot on Hinman south of Main.

Chaplain Tahera Ahmad

Chaplain Tahera Ahmad

Chaplain Tahera Ahmad

Ahmad was featured on NPR, Chicago Public Radio, Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today, and recently in the national PBS documentary The Calling, which portrays the struggle of faith in the 21st century for leaders from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. A renowned speaker, Ahmad has worked closely with the U.S. Justice and State departments leading international workshops on cultural awareness of Muslims and religious diversity. She was the keynote speaker for the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

All are welcome to come, share and join the post-service reception.

by Thomas Carney Jr., board member