About Us

Who is Interfaith Action?

Inspired by diverse faiths and shared values, Interfaith Action of Evanston brings people together to serve hungry and homeless people, pursue interfaith dialogue, and engage in advocacy that promotes social justice.


Membership is open to any faith organization that actively participates in our mission to serve hungry and homeless persons in Evanston, Illinois, and affirms that it wants to be a member. Contact us for a membership form. Interfaith Action Member Organizations Alice Millar Chapel, Northwestern University Bahá’í Faith in Evanston Beth Emet the Free Synagogue…

Interfaith Action Board & Staff

Interfaith Action Board    2021 Interfaith Action Board of Directors The executive committee is listed with the officer roles identified, followed by the names of the board at large. The faith communities listed next to the board members’ names are the communities with which the board members are associated. Executive Committee Melissa Appelt, President, a member…