9 Ginny Ayers (left) and Dorothy Nagelback (right), Grace Lutheran

For 18 months, Dorothy and Ginny sat on a team of over a dozen Evanston Lutherans, asking how we might address an unmet social need in Evanston. There were interviews, hours of research, long meetings, and difficult transitions. Ginny and Dorothy kept our team focused, energized, and engaged. Once the team realized there was a decided lack of resources for housing insecure and homeless teenagers in our city, they got to work. Since it had already done outstanding work with teens and young people, those connected with Curt’s Café were invited into our discernment process. The group decided that, rather than reinvent the wheel, it would attach itself to the great work Curt’s is already doing.

Out of this relationship, “Bridges to Home” was born. Two Curt’s Café graduates will be safely housed and supported after their training and education process is complete, giving these young people another hand up toward a fully independent life.

Bridges to Home is run through Connections for the Homeless, which seeded the funds to house and support graduates from Curt’s Café North. Plans are in the works to expand the program.

Dorothy and Ginny led their team of Evanston Lutherans toward an incredibly successful fundraising campaign, which culminated in a Cabaret event at Grace. The participating Lutheran churches needed to raise $10,000.00 to fully fund one year of Bridges to Home. With Ginny and Dorothy’s leadership, we raised $14,000!

Humbly, intentionally and faithfully, Dorothy and Ginny represent the Grace community’s values of Affirmation, Courage, and Care in so many ways. This recent gift of their ministry has inspired us all, and it is why they are our 2017 Vision Keepers.