24 Steve Serikaku (left), Unitarian Chuch of Evanston

Since joining our church 20 years ago, Steve Serikaku has been a tireless participant in social action activities, both inside the church and in the larger community.

A year ago, Steve became a member of the newly formed Unitarian Universalist Prison Ministry of Illinois. This initiative fosters connections between UU congregations and Illinois prisoners; and engages in education and advocacy activities to support spiritual growth and healing, reduce incarceration, and remove barriers to the successful reentry of returning citizens. Soon the Prison Ministry will launch covenant groups in Logan Women’s Prison downstate and in Cook County Jail, to create a UU ministry presence there. It also prepares congregations to be radically welcoming to all, including the formerly incarcerated.

Steve credits his career as a teacher and assistant principal in Chicago schools with opening his eyes to poverty, racism, and social injustice. “I dealt with people grappling with these problems every day for 34 years,” he says.

Church members know that Steve will be one of the first to respond to a call to action!