21 Yvonne Smith (right), St. Nicholas Catholic

Yvonne has been a member of St. Nicholas Church since 1994. She immediately found a home here at St. Nick’s. Her two younger children attended religious education classes, made friends at church, and prepared for confirmation. She became a Eucharistic minister and took an active role in the life of the parish by getting involved with the rummage sale, the Holiday Festival, and Relent small groups, as well as the Parish Transformation process. The Mass schedule group was an outcome of the transformation. Their deliberations resulted in a second Spanish language mass at 9 am. Her concern for the future of our church motived her to gather with other parishioners when the important characteristics of a new pastor were identified.

Yvonne continued the leadership of Evanston Area Black Catholics (EABC) when its founder Marguerite (Margo) Butler died. The annual Kwanzaa Mass is sponsored by EABC, and we continue to have a wonderful celebration of African American culture at St. Nick’s.

Issues of social justice are important to Yvonne. She is an active member of People for a Safer Society, a not-for-profit organization which promotes education of the public and advocacy for stricter gun legislation. She has engaged with United Power, an advocacy group for many social justice issues such as rehabilitation of housing on the Southside of Chicago and revision of the Chicago criminal justice system when dealing with the mentally ill.

Yvonne retired from teaching for CPS in 2016.

She is married and has three children, and two grandchildren.