Your contribution helps us pay for the nutritious food, drinks and supplies at the hospitality center, warming centers, and soup kitchens. Additional support goes toward events that promote interfaith dialogue…

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We express our shared values through direct services, including soup kitchens, warming centers, an emergency overnight shelter, a hospitality center, free fresh produce distribution in partnership with The Great Chicago Food Depository’s Producemobile.

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The Education & Advocacy Committee monitors local and national initiatives impacting hunger and homelessness, and recommends political actions for contacting legislators and policymakers. Public Gatherings provide a venue for volunteers, supporters and others who care about ending hunger and homelessness.

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By creating safe spaces for peaceful non-confrontational dialogue, Interfaith Action of Evanston brings people together to build relationships and understanding across faith boundaries. We continue to learn from each other by exploring the varied traditions and beliefs that make up the diverse community in which we live and serve.

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Interfaith Clergy and Community Statement


Whether we live, work and/or worship in Evanston, we are inextricably bound to one another and the common ideals upon which our diverse faith traditions are founded. We understand that many in our midst have experienced those common ideals being placed at risk over the last 18 months and in the days following the 2016 elections, regardless of their political affiliations or preferences. We stand in solidarity with those in our midst who are frightened, feel marginalized or disrespected. We who are representatives of faith communities in Evanston are resolved to stand in mutual solidarity with those groups who may be exposed to undue suffering as we move into a new season in our nation.

We will stand, lock arms, listen to and speak with, struggle and, if need be, suffer to protect the rights of those in our community and nation. We have been inspired by the statements issued by Evanston leaders at the Evanston Township High School and the Evanston YWCA. Following their lead, we boldly proclaim:
We are committed to making Evanston a safe and welcoming place for all people.
We not only respect our differences in how we exercise our religious beliefs, but we embrace the diversity of religious beliefs and customs present in all who live, work, study, pray/worship or serve in Evanston; and
We embrace one another’s race, ethnicity, family background, heritage, language, economic status, and culture; sexual orientations and gender identities; and all abilities and special needs.

We call on all of Evanston to treat one another with respect, to recognize the dignity in all fellow human beings, to speak and act from a foundation of love for neighbor, and to bring out the best in one another.
We commit to act with courage, to stand up to hatred, bigotry, violence, and irrational fear, and to build bridges across and find common ground despite our country’s deep divisions and the divisions in our own community.
We commit to providing protection and safe space for those who are targeted because of their religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identify, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, skin tone, language, culture, or health.
We commit to living and working so that justice, peace, and love prevail for all people in Evanston and our country.

We invite all faith community members to reach beyond their faith traditions to attend worship and/or engage in conversations with someone from a different faith the weekend of November 18.
We invite all faith community leaders and members to sign this statement on or before November 20 at 2:00pm, when we will gather at the downtown Evanston Fountain Square for a commitment rally with peaceful prayer, songs, witness, and repentance/rectification. We have invited Mayor Tisdahl to receive the Interfaith Statement and signatures. We will call upon all of Evanston to join and hold accountable the faith communities in these solemn commitments.

Emergency Shelter Schedule 2016-2017

Emergency Shelter Schedule 2016-2017

November 13-19                    First Congregational Church of Evanston UCC

November 20-Ddecember 3     First United Methodist Church of Evanston

December 4- December 17      First Presbyterian Church of Evanston

December 18- December 24    First Congregational Church of Evanston UCC

December 25- December 31    St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Evanston

January 1- January 7               First United Methodist Church of Evanston

January 8- January 14             First Congregational Church of Evanston

January 15- January 21           First Presbyterian Church

January 22- February 4           Unitarian Church of Evanston

February 5- February 11         St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Evanston

February 12- February 25       Beth Emet The Free Synagogue

February 26- March 11           St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Evanston

March 12- March 17               Beth Emet The Free Synagogue

March 18- March 25               Unitarian Church Evanston

*Map to come soon* *Please pay attention to street parking signs so as to not be towed or ticketed.*