Your contribution helps us pay for the nutritious food, drinks and supplies at the hospitality center, warming centers, and soup kitchens. Additional support goes toward events that promote interfaith dialogue…

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We express our shared values through direct services, including soup kitchens, warming centers, an emergency overnight shelter, a hospitality center, free fresh produce distribution in partnership with The Great Chicago Food Depository’s Producemobile.

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The Education & Advocacy Committee monitors local and national initiatives impacting hunger and homelessness, and recommends political actions for contacting legislators and policymakers. Public Gatherings provide a venue for volunteers, supporters and others who care about ending hunger and homelessness.

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By creating safe spaces for peaceful non-confrontational dialogue, Interfaith Action of Evanston brings people together to build relationships and understanding across faith boundaries. We continue to learn from each other by exploring the varied traditions and beliefs that make up the diverse community in which we live and serve.

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Our “Community Discovery Project” is Underway!

We know the needs of the people in Evanston who are hungry and/or homeless are many. We are committed to serve them, as are others in our area.

Because nobody seems to know all the services presently available at a level of detail useful to prospective guests, and because we know there is more that can be done, we are undertaking a deep dive into the many issues involved. It’s our “Community Discovery Project.”

As a result of an open request for proposals, we selected a team from the Executive Service Corps (ESC) of Chicago as our consultants. They are using interviews and other research tools to gather information including:


1) The services presently available including brief descriptions, notes about eligibility and paperwork needed to receive them, availability in Spanish or other languages, costs to guests, and for those who wish to help, how to donate time, materials, and/or money. We’ll create a directory for the public with these results, both in print and online.


2) The customary needs of people who are hungry and/or homeless. We know the reasons are many so the assistance needed varies by the situation. For example, chronically homeless people have different needs than suddenly temporarily homeless families.


3) The ESC team will then do a gap analysis, identifying the unmet or insufficiently met needs of the people we serve.


4) Best practices for filling these gaps or for modifying existing services will be offered.


5) New possible sources of funding will be identified, particularly those for which IAE would be eligible given our mission and practice of being a staff-lean, volunteer-heavy organization of faith based congregations.

We plan to complete this project in January 2020 so we can move forward discern what our roles may be as a gathering of communities of faith committed to serving hungry and homeless people in Evanston.

Questions? Send them to and we’ll do our best to answer them quickly!

Passing the Baton of Leadership








Birch Burghardt passes on her board presidency to Anne Heinz. Thank you, Birch, for your four years of leadership!